KALEYDE is a coined word from Kaleidoscope. Each piece of jewelry is handmade with the desire to deliver attractive jewelry that draws you in like a kaleidoscope.
She makes recycled accessories using materials collected from antique markets in France and Japan, in addition to original carving jewelry.


Jewelry artist


Kana Minami

Japanese jewelry designer, and artist.
Originally from Mie Prefecture, Japan. Graduated from Aichi Prefectural University of the Arts Department of Design and Crafts. She used her design and art skills developed at university, in 2017 she launched the jewelry brand KALEYDE with the concept of "works of art to be worn for pleasure ». Her kaleidoscopic creations are inspired by the historic and beautiful landscapes of France and the natural colors of Japan. In 2019-2020, she stayed for a year in Lyon for her creative activities.


  • 2022/06 H.P.garage/event (H.P.DECO/ Tokyo, Japan)
  • 2021/07 KALEYDE summer exhibition (BROWN ANTIQUES / Tokyo, Japan
  • 2021/02 Self at home POP-UP STORE (伊勢丹新宿2F / Tokyo, Japan
  • 2020/11 Jewelry exhibition 万華鏡 (BROWN ANTIQUES / Tokyo, Japan
  • 2019/11 単独POP UP/Marché aux Puces de KALEYDE(BROWN ANTIQUES / Tokyo, Japan
  • 2019/09 KALEYDE jewelry exhibition(BROWN ANTIQUES / Tokyo, Japan
  • 2019/05 伊勢丹新宿蚤の市 NOMINO(伊勢丹新宿店6F 際物場 / Tokyo, Japan
  • 2019/05 POP UP SHOP(THE GLOBE ANTIQUES / Tokyo, Japan
  • 2019/01 赤坂蚤の市 in ISETAN SHINJUKU(伊勢丹新宿店2F / Tokyo, Japan
  • 2016/12 映画『エヴォリューション』公開記念 UVレジンで作る“幻想”アクセサリーワークショップ講師(UP LINK渋谷 / Tokyo, Japan
  • 2013/09 ZAKKA Œuvres miniatures à usage quotidien in Paris(Espace Japon/ Paris, France)