[EVENT] KALEYDE summer exhibition

The KALEYDE summer exhibition will be held during the 4-day weekend from 7/22 (Thursday).
This time, we will be holding a complete reservation system so that you can see it with confidence. ⁡

Now that it is difficult to travel abroad, I hope that you will be able to relax and enjoy the feeling of Europe in Tokyo.
This time, we will also accept custom-made cabochon rings at the venue.
You can take a look at KALEYDE's stone collection and place an order with your favorite stone and size (the finished product will be sent to you later).
We are waiting for you with new products that are perfect for summer.

Please take this opportunity to be healed by beautiful antiques and jewelry.


KALEYDE summer exhibition in BROWN ANTIQUES

2021.7.22(Thu)-25(Sun) 4days

Setagaya-ku, Ikejiri 4-38-10-2F NEW DREAM ⚫︎Shibuya Station Bus 51, 52, 54 Get off at "Awashima" 1 minute walk ⚫︎Inokashira Line Ikenoue Station 8 minutes walk ⚫︎Denentoshi Line Ikejiri Ohashi Station 17 minutes walk⁡
✍️ It's a complete reservation system. Click here to make a reservation↓
1. Display the week of 7/22 (Thursday) from "Please click the date and time"
2. Tap your favorite date and time
3. Enter the required items to complete the reservation⁡

[When visiting]
⚫︎ to avoid overcrowding, it is a pre-booking system. We can guide up to 3 people per hour.
⚫︎ If you are not feeling well or have a fever, please refrain from visiting us.
⚫︎ please wear a mask and come to the store.
⚫︎ please help us disinfect your hands with alcohol.
⚫︎ We don't have a tote bag. Please help us bring the eco bag.

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