Q. Can I use a payment method other than a credit card?

A. We accept Paypal, Apple pay, and Google pay. Bank transfers and cash on delivery are not available in the online store.
Paypal can be used for bank payment, so please register and use it.

Q. Is overseas shipping possible?

A. Yes, we do.
Please note that customs duties are the responsibility of the customer.
There are some countries that are indicated as undeliverable when you place an order. In that case, please contact us from the contact page .

Q. Will there be a restock of sold out items?

A.There are items that can be remade, so please feel free to make a request from the contact page .

Q. I have a metal allergy, can I use it with confidence?

A. Most of our items are plated brass or titanium and 925 silver. Please refrain from those who are worried about allergies.

Q. Are all the parts French vintage?

A.No. In addition to vintage parts collected in France, we combine items purchased in other countries, dead stock, old parts collected in Japan, and new materials.

Q. Can I order accessories for weddings, stage performances, and photo shoots?

A. Yes. Please contact us from the contact page , specifying the purpose of use, cost, color, material, etc. Please note that we may not be able to accept your request depending on the content.

Q. Can I order one-of-a-kind accessories?

A. Yes. Both KALEYDE and KANA jewelry are fully custom-made. (A separate order fee is charged.)
We will listen to the customer's desired taste and concept and produce it with an original design. Please contact us from the contact page first.

Q. Is it possible to bring in parts or specify a design and have it made?

A. We do not accept production by bringing in parts and designs.

Q. I was using the accessory I purchased and it broke. Can I have it repaired?

A. Yes. Please contact us from the contact page after describing the condition of the accessory.
If a part is lost, we can also suggest replacement parts. Please contact us first as the repair cost will vary depending on the condition.

Q. The cabochon ring is not available in the size I want. Can I have it resized?

A. We do not accept size changes before purchase because our concept is to make it fun to find one-of-a-kind items.
At face-to-face events, we may hold a project to make a custom-made ring, so please use it.

Q. Do you have a physical store?

A. We do not have a physical store. We hold pop-ups and events in Tokyo every month.

Q. Who does the design and production?

A. Kana, the owner, handles all of the purchase, design and production.