Brand concept

New jewelry made by giving love to old Japanese and French objects.
Japanese designer Kana, grew up in Japan, surrounded by beautiful nature, and uses her rich sense of color to create unique recycled jewelry.
The KALEYDE brand takes its name from the word "kaleidoscope". Like a dazzling kaleidoscope fantasy, this jewelry will enchant and captivate you.

Why do I choose old materials?

I believe that Spirits (Kami) dwell in all things.
All in nature, food, buildings, and objects. This SHINTO philosophy is our Japanese culture. In my view, spirits are like a warm heart, love, or memory. The spirits reside in objects that humans cherish. That's why I am attracted to vintage and antique objects that remain in the modern world. The old object is full of love!

To make jewelry by giving love again to materials that have served their purpose as objects is my work. And it is wonderful that my jewelry will receive new love from you.


About creator

Jewelry artist / Kana Minami

I was born in a rural town in Mie Prefecture and grew up surrounded by beautiful nature. Since childhood, I have loved to create things, and the colors of nature and the sky, which change with the seasons, have been a source of ideas for me. The sunset sky from my town is the most beautiful in the world, and I made a chandelier representing the colors of the sky as my graduation project at art college.

Art university graduation project: Sky chandelier (2012 Aichi,Japan)

The source of inspiration for my jewelry is all the sights that I have seen and been moved by with my own eyes. Nature, buildings, cityscapes, delicious cakes, Christmas decorations, flowers and trees in the city, and everything I see. That's why I love to see all kinds of new scenery when I travel.

France is a country where the harmony between the historic cityscape and nature is so beautiful that just walking around the city inspires me. The collaboration of my unique sense of color and design as a Japanese and the historic materials of France creates a unique work of art.